KOR Results OCD Community
KOR Results OCD Community
Kristina Orlova

Ready to recover from your OCD?

Intro to ERP will take you step by step on how to implement first line therapy for OCD.

About Us

What's included in the Intro to ERP self-directed course:

  1. Welcome (1:52 min)
  2. Why do I have OCD? (3:12 min)
  3. Understanding the OCD cycle (5:02 min)
  4. Reassurance seeking & OCD Accommodations (5:31 min)
  5. Staying motivated to work on OCD (5 min)
  6. Why do ERP and 3 kinds of exercises (8:56 min)
  7. Cognitive response strategy for OCD (4:06 min)
  8. Let's build your hierarchy (4:24 min)
  9. How to design your ERP exercises (7:32 min)
  10. Maximizing your ERP practice (5:03 min)
  11. Relapse Prevention (3:56 min)
  12. ERP as a lifestyle (4:01 min)
  13. New or Old themes are emerging (1:20 min)
  14. Problem Solving (2:06 min)
  15. SMART Goal Setting (5:29 min)
  16. Role of Meditation (Three recorded guided meditations for introductory mindfulness practice. Each are: 4:17, 6:27, 2:28 min long)

Total time: 1 hr and 18 min

PLUS an Advanced Topic Library with over 11 hours of ongoing training

PLUS monthly LIVE group calls to answer any of your questions with me! 

Disclaimer: this is a self-directed course and the monthly group calls are for a Q&A and do not replace therapy.

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